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Genki des!



parenthood and the pursuit of happiness

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You know when spring break hits, and you're home with the kids and their incessant whining pushes you to yell out something along the lines of, "Oh, you're BORED again, are you? Well, pick a chore, kid, pick a chore!!!" and then they run out of the room like their ass is on fire, suddenly they're not bored? You know that?

Well, I'm bored. I'm very, very bored. Somebody give me a chore.

I like working full time. And right now, I'm not working full time. (And no, parenting is not working. It's hard work, yes, but as an activity, it provides neither the mental stimulation nor positive feedback of an actual job.) My actual job, right now, only has me teaching two classes that I've already taught before, and so there's very little planning involved. I'm actually excited to mark papers. It's terrible. No, really.

And yes, I've tried to get a full time job. The problem with that (other than the fact that all my other non-instructional skills are now outdated) is that I happen to love my current casual position. I only want that job. But I want it to pay me more and keep me busier. Don't worry, I've asked. But like everything else in Alberta right now, the Almighty Budget is in control.

So, I'm bored.

And then I volunteered for the soccer association executive. There's a chore ahead! And I maybe said I'd help manage a summer market. More chores. But those haven't started yet. And I'm passed the point of enjoying the nothing. I am officially bored. So, I'm going to write here again more often. Daily, I think, about random stuff, starting in April. Thirty days of daily posts.

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